MingaGreens is an innovative company in the field of indoor agriculture, specializing in the production of nutrient-rich, flavor-intensive, and locally produced vegetable seedlings, known as microgreens. Currently, their operations are primarily manual, utilizing plant LEDs from their partner, Kroptek. However, they plan to increasingly focus on automation and sensor technology in the medium term. Their products are certified organic and include over 30 different types of microgreens, such as radish, wheatgrass, and basil. MingaGreens places a high emphasis on sustainability, avoiding packaging waste wherever possible and using recycled materials. In the future, the company aims to expand its product and service offerings beyond microgreens, establishing itself as a strong brand in the field of vertical farming in Germany and Austria.


Established Yes
VIRIDIS Programm Accelerator
Theme Vertical Farming
Investment Opportunity V-GTI holds 20 % (more possible)
Market (CAGR / GLOBAL) Vertical Farming: 10 bn USD (+20%) 2022-28