The startup 'haepsi' is revolutionizing take-away packaging with sustainable, paper-based solutions. Its aim is to replace plastic and aluminum packaging to make the gastronomy sector more sustainable. Known for its success on 'Die Höhle der Löwen', 'haepsi' has established itself as a leader in the industry after winning the German Packaging Award in 2021 and the WORLDSTAR Global Packaging Award in 2023. The company offers innovative, patented designs that minimize resource wastage and allow gastronomy businesses to customize their packaging with print advertising. These advertising-funded packages improve the packaging process, preserve product quality, and enhance brand communication. For end consumers, they simplify disposal and promote a circular economy. 'haepsi' also boosts its public impact through a strong social media presence.


Established Yes
VIRIDIS Programm Accelerator
Theme Packaging (Gastronomy)
Investment Opportunity under 24.9 %
Market (CAGR / GLOBAL) Sustainable packaging: 271 bn USD(+7.67%) 2023-2028