GOC Nexus


Over 50% of the cannabis produced worldwide does not meet the microbiological standards required for pharmaceutical use. Current decontamination methods often weaken the product’s potency and sensory quality. GOC Nexus offers a solution to this problem with its patented cold plasma technology, which operates without chemicals, radiation, or heat. Plasma involves the ionization of gases using an electromagnetic field, effectively destroying fungi, yeasts, bacteria, and even spores with minimal energy use. This method leaves no chemical residues and preserves the active substance-containing glandular cells of the flower, as it only works on the surface. Cold plasma is the only technology that maintains the original character of the flower in terms of potency (cannabinoids and terpenes) and sensory attributes (smell, color, taste, and texture). Additionally, it significantly extends shelf life, thus preventing the destruction of valuable raw materials.


Established Yes
VIRIDIS Programm Accelerator
Theme Cannabis Sterilization
Investment Opportunity under 10 %
Market (CAGR / GLOBAL) Cannabis Market: 57.18 bn USD (+34.03 %) 2023-30