Filedgr is an innovative platform that leverages blockchain technology to enhance the sustainability and transparency of business processes. The company provides secure, verifiable digital certificates, transparent data analytics, and online asset management to strengthen the integrity of businesses and individuals. Utilizing Web3 technology for sustainability, Filedgr offers solutions that enhance traceability and secure data exchange, moving beyond concerns of greenwashing. This fosters collaboration and trust among businesses, suppliers, and customers, supporting a more sustainable supply chain. Additionally, Filedgr employs RFID, barcodes, and QR codes for real-time tracking, ensuring that product authenticity and history are easily accessible. Filedgr also enables users to assess and improve their environmental impacts, supported by detailed reports and recommendations to encourage ecologically responsible decisions


Established Yes
VIRIDIS Programm Accelerator
Theme Digital Twins
Investment Opportunity up to 24.9 %
Market (CAGR / GLOBAL) Digital Twins: 10 bn USD (+61%) 2023-2028