Project Algaerithm is a groundbreaking initiative, originally derived from space research and now being further developed in Bavaria. It focuses on the use of microalgae as a novel protein source and for actively capturing CO₂ from the atmosphere.

A crucial aspect of microalgae cultivation is the propagation phase. VIRIDIS’s startup tackles the challenge of impure cultures with a scalable cultivation system, suitable for automated experiments as well as propagation care. Most laboratory solutions are "Do-it-yourself" because individually controllable cultivation systems are very expensive. Algaerithm has developed a promising approach with its methodology. It allows for the customization of parameters such as light (spectrum, intensity, gradients), temperature, and gas supply. Algae are not only one of the Earth's largest sources of oxygen but are also versatile as a raw material. Algaerithm aims to pave the way for algae research with affordable propagation reactors.


Established No
VIRIDIS Programm Incubator
Theme Algae
Investment Opportunity 40 %
Market (CAGR / GLOBAL) Algea: 1.92 bn USD (+4.99%) 2021-2026