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VIRIDIS is a pioneering ecosystem based in Bavaria that catalyzes innovation in green technology and the bioeconomy. We integrate advanced technological platforms and decentralized infrastructures to connect visionary entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors, advancing sustainable practices across industries globally. By leveraging our incubator and accelerator programs, VIRIDIS offers investors access to a carefully curated portfolio of high-potential markets and startups, emphasizing innovations that align economic returns with environmental impact. Our innovative infrastructure supports a decentralized and transparent approach, positioning VIRIDIS as a leader in the green technology landscape, making a significant impact on global ecological and economic development.

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V-ECO gGmbH operates as a recognized nonprofit organization dedicated to managing the central service structures of the cluster. Its mission is to carry out the operational activities that promote green growth. These activities include leasing spaces, organizing events and networking opportunities, as well as providing consulting, subsidy management, and handling all "Cluster Services". Profits from sales are reinvested back into the structures. Additionally, V-ECO gGmbH is also capable of accepting donations or special grants.

VIRIDIS – Green-Tech-Investment (AG)

VIRIDIS-GTI AG acts as a capital investment company. By investing in Series A, B, and C, VIRIDIS-GTI AG further invests in projects and promising startups. Expertise in selecting and strategically supporting startups drives strategic value increases. Furthermore, the synergistic networks and physical locations of VIRIDIS provide an ideal breeding ground for innovation. The unique company structures, based on decentralized and digital platforms, facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration with minimal barriers and bureaucracy. These factors create the optimal conditions for green growth.


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Discover unparalleled green innovation with VIRIDIS VC, your gateway to the most sustainable and promising startups. Opt for direct investment through our pioneering token system or choose a conventional investment route.